Updated: Feb 9

Housing has been a hot topic for more than ten years in the Marinette area

When we returned home to Marinette with our family, we learned this firsthand as our daughter searched for a home. It took her several months and lots of disappointments before she was finally able to find a rental.

Fast forward 4 years and not much has changed for the better. A recent independent study reported that Marinette needs all housing types. Job opportunities are bringing people in but many of our city’s employees are traveling an hour or more every day because of the local housing shortage. That means we are missing out. Their spouses could fill vacant jobs or starting new businesses and their kids could be attending our schools. These families could be living here, shopping here, and participating in the community; Making Marinette their home. It would help our local businesses attract more long-term employees. This, in turn, will help grow our business community.

In my current position, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with developers and agencies interested in the Marinette area and participated in housing round tables. If elected, housing will be one of my top priorities. I will create task force that focuses on ALL of our housing needs.

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